Mark Keppel High School 1965
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Football game?? at the 3rd quarter it was Alhambra 34 - Keppel 6 In the 4th Quarter the cheerleader scored a touchdown......
At Moor Field
Oscar blocking that famous shot, again.
Band Room - Craig Garvin wearing his band uniform & top hat, they still fit.
Main Stairs
Main Hallway
Tour Starts in the Cafeteria
Paul Cella's 57 Ford Fairlane seen at football game & crusing Twoheys, Officer Sweeny threatened to write him up for loud pipes!
Erlinda Martinez with current cheerleaders 10/23/2015
Erlinda Marinez & Donna Schaich - Moore Field
Erlinda Martinez & Carole McQuade - Twohey's
Gary Songer, Sheila Rawls, Sonja Sausedo, Arnold Kudo -Twohey's
Carole McQuade, Julie Jacobson, Gayle Finke,Gale Songer, Tom Anderson - Twohey's
Built by post depression era Public Works Administration--I didn't remember that.
We knew it was a best high school back in the day. Sandy Needs-Ramirez
Don't ever remember seeing an empty hallway in building A. Sandy Needs-Ramirez
About 70 folks were signed up for the campus tour. Amazed at all the services offered students compared to our day. Sandy Needs-Ramirez
Old Gym has been improved
New gym was quite impressive.
MK Tour
I'm a longtime fan of the free-flowing watercolors by Millard Sheets, but only learned a few years ago that he designed the murals at Keppel. Unfortunately, they seem rather stiff and formal. I prefer other murals he did for Home Savings (now part of Chase). Here's an article a friend of mine wrote for Westways:
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