Mark Keppel High School 1965
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Sandi Fuhriman, Ed Kushins, Carole McQuade
Oscar Guerrero - "Hi Kim Boone"
Arnold Kubo, Sonja Sausedo, Pasquale Pirri, Eileen Beardslee Pirri -barely
Jean Silver, Lee Silver,Lou Lockhart, Sheila Rawls
Julie Jacobson Godfrey
Eileen Beardslee
Carole McQuade, Gary Songer, Erlinda Martinez
Charlene Berreth
Gary Warren
Carole McQuade
Norene Lowry
Erlinda Martinez & John Genovese
Erlinda Martinez & Kathy Quigley
Erlinda Martinez
Erlinda Martinez, Sheila Rawls, Donna Schaich
Judy Crosier, Marilyn Gaynor, Cindi Marsh
Ray Felix, Arnold Kubo, Kirk Sommer
Reconnecting....So much fun!!
Photo of the first group.
Badges? We don't need no.....
Most of the second group is in this photo
How come Bill, Lee, Charles and Ray
Looking for our selfs
The room
My shot between his shots.
The photo setup
I forgot that my sister married a classmate
Sandi Fuhriman Genovese & Maggie Corselius Zeff
Dr. Jayne Proppe Campbell, Sandi Fuhriman Genovese, Ed Kushins, Kathy Quigley Pahl, Stuart Hardman, Rob Pahl
Dee Cerrato Palumbo, Donna Schaich Hooper, Cathie Park Schindler, Maggie Corselius Zeff
Maggie Corselius Zeff & Carole McQuade Songer
Gary Songer & Carole McQuade Songer
Pete Kane, Kathy Quigley Pahl, Stuart Hardman
Mickey Roach Stengel & Nancy Skaron Larson
Sandi Fuhriman Genovese, Dr. Jayne Proppe Campbell
Carole Nassief Wong, Cathie Park Schindler, Mickey Roach Stengel
Maggie Corselius Zeff & Sheila Rawls
Bob Reihm
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