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Thank you, Ann

Thanks for your hard work. 

John Gribble
And again--USPS what up?

Our last (I hope) "unable to deliver" wandered back to me yesterday. It is to 

Kenneth Mode, so if you know him, let him know we're looking for him.


Stay inside and stay well. I'm hoping we can get together on the other side of this mess.

Happy Holidays,

Ann Huls

Ann Beirne
USPS Doing us no favors

So I just received returned mail for Cathy Grensted Radakovich (last address Santa Ana, CA).

Not only would she have missed the initial letter regarding the reunion, she'd have missed the postponement announcement and the big do itself, had it been safe to hold it.

This really takes me back to my 35 years in a classroom and nearly that many raising kids: just talking to myself, putting it out there in a void, and years later something may or may not float back in by way of response. 

And this is purely personal and in the nature of a PSA: in a previous note here I complained of vertigo which would have meant I couldn't have gone to our planned 10/3/20 reunion. I have since, I believe, been cured. So in case any of you are bedeviled by the whirlies (and you haven't taken anything suspicious), I'm sharing: my vertigo specialist sent me to the physical therapist next door who stuck my head in a thing that looked like a plastic box with a goggle-like appartatus, but I couldn't see out. Then she manipulated the box a few times while changing my position. It was like the meanest carnival ride ever--Magic Mountain, but covered by insurance. She very kindly pushed the wastebasket close to me just in case. Didn't need it, but came close. 

Many thanks to Lee Silver for wishing me well. If it had persisted I was going to have to lay down my leadership burden here, so I know the whole committee will be relieved to read this. 

I hope all of you are staying safe and finding things to do to keep you no crazier than you were before before COVID. I re-alphabetized my spices the other day so my own mental state is in some doubt.


Ann Huls



Ann Huls Beirne
Rudy Tarin

Richard Stevenson

Rudy Tarin n Oscar Guerrero and I were close friends in high school. Oscar said he n Rudy moved up Northern  Cali. After moving up there with their families he hasn't heard from Rudy. 

Elizabeth Flores
Feel Better

Hey Miss Ann,

Hope you're feeling better soon. Waiting just means the reunion will be even more fun 🤩!

Sure looking forward to seeing everyone.

Lee Silver
Looking for Rudy Tarin,

Rudy and I served together in the USMC

richard stevenson
Looking for brother

Hey Craig Garvin, how can I get hold of Gary? Call me. 541-852-9297


Mike Larsen, my E....

Mike Larsen

Amid worldwide and personal catastrophes I'd lost track of the time: today would have been the date of our 55th reunion at North Wood Inn. I'm in day two of a rip-snorting case of vertigo, which would have me revolving around our banquet room when not actually falling to my knees. I could have single-handedly solved the entertainment quandary, but at considerable cost to my dignity. We must consider ourselves spared. I'd like to think there's a cosmic intelligence behind our cancellation. 

Ann Huls Beirne


THE October 3, 2020, Reunion has been postponed. We will take another look in the Spring of 2021.

Stay Tuned.

Hello Class of 1965

My name and s Judie Cypert (née Crosier).  My emails l address is:  I am very interested in the reunion.  Is it still October 3rd at Northwoods Inn?

Judie Cypert
Sad news

Our classmate Peter Moore-Kochlacs lost his daughter Caroline this morning to stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Caroline was briliiant, brave, beautiful, and generous. Gary Songer and I spoke this morning and he said what I've been feeling--it's bad enough when we see our classmates pass away (we're far too young!). But none of us will ever be old enough to lose a child. Stay safe and stay healthy, old friends.

Peter is on Facebook.

Ann Huls

So disappointed that our 55 th Class Reunion has been cancelled!! Hopefully we will resume our plans in 2021💕Stay safe and healty!!!

Andrea Stepanian Herkenhoff
Find a friend

Anybody know anything about Erine Miles ?

Dennis Dilley
As promised...

Here are the last two dead letter returns from classmates we can't locate at their last known addresses:

Hans Koch and Nadine Murr Schleicher

I've cancelled our ressy at North Wood. So sorry to do it, but some of us were barely recognizable five years ago with our full faces hanging out in the open. Imagine that with masks! I'd have to supersize our name tags. Fingers crossed for the post-plague season.

Stay well,

Ann Huls

Ann Beirne
Reunion 2020

Hello fellow Aztecs. Mark Keppel High we hail thee. Unfortunately we will not be hailing each other together, at least not  for awhile. Thanks to all you wonderful  organizers for your efforts. Much appreciated indeed. See you hopefully in 2021?

Craig Garvin

I am sorry w had to cansel the reunion I am with Carol maybe we can try again next year 

Bob Cowell
What no Garlic Bread

While I understand the thinking and probably agree that I would make the same decision.  However  no  Garlic Bread?????????????

David Johnson
I’ll miss you all!

Hello everyone, it's so sad that we have to cancel this. Maybe we can do it next year is a 55+1. Stay safe everyone and let's keep in contact.

Carol Franich Jorden
Reunion 55

Sorry to here the reunion had to be canclled, but better safe with the virus. It was up in the air if we were going to make it because we had cruise planned the same time but now with the virus we had to cancel that to.  Hope everyone is safe.  Ronald Bianchi

Ronald Bianchi
Oh, a pity!

Thank you, Ann, for the message. It was becoming more and more clear that I wasn't going to be able to come

John Gribble
Confirmed receipt if reunion cancellation

Sad that we have to postpone the reunion due to Corona Virus. We agree better to be safe. Praying everyone will be safe n healthy. The norm has changed but we will get thru this n not give up. 

Elizabeth Guerrero Flores

Elizabeth Guerrero

Hi everyone.  I was looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion this year,  but agree with the committee that it's better to stay home and stay safe.  For those of you whom I've been able to stay in touch with on Facebook I truly look forward to seeing you in person in the coming years.  

A special thank you to the committee members who put so much time out 9f your life to try and get us together.   Know from working on the 50th how much work it really is.  

Here's to seeing many of you soon. In the mean time stay safe.  Hugs, Sonja

Sonja Sausedo
Still Hoping

Looking forward to when we can get together for our reunion. Let's all keep in touch and look forward to the future.

Lee Silver
Staying Safe

Thank you for this update on the reunion. It’s a shame that we can’t have our reunion but it’s better to be safe from this virus. Hopefully we will get a cure for this virus and then we can all get back to normal and have our reunion.

Well take care everyone and be safe.

The moment you’ve been dreading!

Your friendly reunion team has decided that the moment has come to pull the plug on the class of '65 reunion slated for 10/03/2020. I'll call the North Woods Inn shortly to let them know they can wipe us off their reservation book--they won't be surprised.

While we wait for THE CURE, I hope we can continue the discussion we've had here  I've enjoyed getting a peek into some of your lives.  And the mailing gathered a few more Aztecs, so with luck we'll be able to see some of them at the rescheduled reunion. 

Some of you have had great ideas for reunion venues--as you sit in quarantine you might want to look into them and share your findings. Please remember that we have no "reunion fund," so if a location requires upfront payment, that will necessitate some individual  paying ahead, a mechanism for receiving payment for the event from attendees, and many crossed fingers that it all works out. Having sweated bullets with Gary last time, the current committee doesn't want to take that on. However, North Woods is prob not the only place that will take us on with no advance payment. 

Stay healthy gang!


55 Th class Reunion

I really would love to come to our class of '65' Reunion, but waiting to see if we are still able to travel with COVID-19 gaining traction. Praying this will subside!! Andrea Stepanian Herkenhoff 

Andrea Stepanian Herkenhoff

Looking forward to reunion Attending cousin Annie Garcia Costanza '65,

Me- Elizabeth Guerrero Flores '65 and husband John Flores '64

Elizabeth Flores

My cousin Annie Garcia Costanza'65 , my husband John Flires '64 n I plan on attending. Look forward to seeing everyone. 

Elizabeth Guerrero Flores '65


Elizabeth Flores
Hi Ann, Found Gayle, Doug and Steve

Hi Ann, I located Gayle Fink, Doug Heffington, Steve Kunishige. All three classmates gave me a MAYBE for their attendence.




See you all there.


arnold t kubo
Linda Louise Davis

Just wondering if anyone has heard from Linda Davis?


Maribeth Burns Pierce

Maribeth Burns
Irven Holt

I am Facebook friends with Irven.  Haven't heard anything from him in a few weeks, but I sent him a message this morning with the basic info about the reunion.  I gave him the link and asked him to please check in.  He lives in Eden, TX.



Janis (Dudley) Haskell
Irven Holt

I am Facebook friends with Irven.  Haven't heard anything from him in a few weeks, but I sent him a message this morning with the reunion info.  Gave him the link and asked him to please check in.  He lives in Eden, TX.

Janis (Dudley) Haskell
Irven Holt

I just messaged Irven and asked him to call me regarding our Reuion.  I am planning on being there unless I have 4 Colfax Junior Falcon Football games to announce that day.

David Johnson
Father's Day Recovery Day Two Edition

First the good news: we found one. Susan Mathes Yamamoto received our letter. While she didn't commit, I feel confident we'll see her come October.

Meanwhile, these are the latest "no such numbers." If you know any of these missing alums, see if you can get in touch:

Laura Bland Funaro

Ed Carpenter

Kathy Carr Hoerner

Cary Clark

Sharon Dalton Fuller

Jane Drucker Harshberger

Sharon Foster Reiter

John Guillory

Irvine Holt

Judy Hughes Silva

Joseph Maggio

Jerry Moody

Delores Ramirez Popkins

Ronnie Risner

Betty Shuford Gleason


Just a reminder that sometimes people come to reunions in the hope of seeing one or two particular people. If you plan to attend, please post the news here. There's no telling whom you may lure into showing up.

Just think of yourself as bait . . .

Ann Huls
Can Hardly Wait!

I'll definitely be there .... Lord willing and the creek don't rise!

So looking forward to seeing everyone again.J

Janis (Dudley) Haskell
Tim Blake?

I don't know if this would be of any help, but my last contact with Tim was about 30 years ago. He was living in Seal Beach, where he had been living for a long time then.

John Gribble
Looking for Tim Blake class of 65 Keppel

Aloha All,

This is Nick Benuska, class of 65. I saw Ann's posting of making contact with a Tim Blake from Florida.

Does anone know the whereabouts of the Tim Blake class of 65, Keppel? 

Much thanks,

Nick Benuska

Nick Benuska
55 Reunion

I am planning on attending but waiting on prognosis for out of state travel.

Dean Zook

Dean Zook
55th Reunion

Hello fellow Aztecs. Looking forward to this great 55th gathering. Craig Garvin. 

Craig Garvin
Looking for Tim Blake 65 Keppel Grad

Aloha All,

It's Nick Benuska class of 65. I just saw Ann's message in connecting with a Tim Blake from Florida, does anyone know of the whereabouts of the Tim Blake class of 65 Keppel? 

Much thanks,

Nick Benuska



Nick Benuska
June 17--this just in

We have uable to forward mail from the following hard-to-find alums:

Milo Carraso

Tom Chapman

Candace Dickinsonn Weidner

Susan Mathes Yonemoto

Nick Menkee

Larry Redman

Andrea Waldman Gustafson

One envelope came back marked "Deceased" for Keith Kern

However, I had two uppers over the last couple of days. We heard from Gail Sanford Sullivan who currently lives in Arlington, Texas. Gail plans to attend, and from what I can tell from her writing paper, she's a dog lover. I may have to take Lucy to the North Woods Inn so they can get acquainted.

I also got a phone message from Tim Blake in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. This Tim graduated in 1965 from Ocalla HS in Florida, but he thought we sounded like such a fun bunch he may just show up in October anyway. On consideration, I decided that since this job has few perks, I may as well seize a little control. I called Tim to tell him I'd decided we'd name him Homecoming King if he comes. I got his wife, and as I tried to explain who I was, she laughed and said, "Oh, you're Ann." Apparently Tim has air miles and figured they should join the party. They were high school sweethearts in Ocalla, but Tim is figuring he can have a good time going up to strangers at our reunion and jogging their memories with tender reminiscences of things they did together as crazy kids. I promised his wife a crown too if they come.



I got a note back from our classmate Sylvia Seventy. She can't attend, but sent good wishes.  I heard about Sylvia's art career at our last reunion, and I looked at her work online. Wow! So impressive, with an interesting piece about her process as well. I urge you to look her up.

The family of David Theophanes emailed to say that he will not be able to attend because of illness.

Donald Baty and his wife expect to be with us. 

This is today's batch of "unknown at this address" returned to me. Reach out if you know any of them.

Carolene Arnold Sudeerno

Mary Bramlette Richardson

Cheryl Byers Emans

Mike Chroman

Steve Kunishige

Don Sloto

Gerry Watson Noftz

Ann Huls
Craig Manning

Brother Terry Manning  said Craig is in Arizona & will not be attending this yr. 

Paul Cella
Craig Manning

i see his brother Terry Manning every day at coffee hang out. I'll ask him to have Craig get in touch.

Paul Cella
Your secret is safe with us, Nancy!

I just heard from the widow of HARR HOWARTH telling us that he passed away four years ago. Some of you may know his brother KEN, who died last year.

These are the "unable to forwards" from today. If you can shed light on their whereabouts (great job, Nancy, and it will stay between the 500 of us), please do, and we'll try to track them down. Or even nicer, you can call and ask them to be your plus one!

Cheryl Alford

Paul Bertsch

Sharon Carroll Boyd

Bill Chalberg

Robert Edelson

David Essex

Maria Garcia Buscemi

Richard Garcia

Frank Guastaferro

Charles Miller

Lillian Miller Budge

I did get one back from USPS with a forwarding address, so I'll send that one off again. This is like a treasure hunt, but the treasure is aging Aztecs.

Meantime, Gary Warren, Carol Franich Jorden, and Jack Von Bulow have expressed their intentions to go. Getting excited in spite of myself--I have the pandemic jimjams!


Ann Beirne
Two lost Aztecs

I don’t know if he wants to be found...but between you n me Rudy Traviso lives in Glendora with his wife Gloria DevLa Torre class of ‘66. Don’t rat on me, i wouldn’t want to embarrass you in public.

Nancy Leon Garcia class of ‘66 & Gilbert Garcia class of
Wednesday 6/10--National Iced Tea Day

Our fearless leader, Gary Songer, located two grads from this list: Bob Freeman and Oscar Vildisola (with an assist from Lee Silver).


Mimi Alvarez Carroll


Carol Bakus Duff


Andrew Beard


Allen Cameron


Richard Cianci


X Bob  Freeman


Lynda Hanna Lender


Craig Manning


Fernando Nicotera


Linda Peterson Leal


Rudy Triviso


X Oscar Vildisola


However, I just got the email from USPS today with the preview of today's mail. Looks like I have another fistful of "no such numbers" in the batch.





Ann Beirne
Reunion 55

I was unable to make the 50th glad everyong had a good time.  It looks like I won't be able to get to 55 either.  We already have a Panama canal cruise planed at the same time, as long as they don't cancel it.  My best to everyone.  Ronald Bianchi

Ronald Bianchi
Tuesday update 5/9

Hello again from reunion central.

I heard from Jack VonBulow today--he's planning to attend. Sheila Berg can't make this one, but asked to be put on the list for future info. 

I got a call from the wife of Earl Haines, Patty Haines. She said Earl is in an assisted living placement (PTSD stemming from his time in VietNam), but he would love to speak to any grads who remember him. Patty welcomes calls from anyone who would like Earl's number. She's at 913.522.0753.

So far the following letters have been returned to me with "unknown addressee" labels:

Mimi Alvarez Carroll

Carol Bakus Duff

Andrew Beard

Allen Cameron

Richard Cianci

Bob  Freeman

Lynda Hanna Lender

Craig Manning

Fernando Nicotera

Linda Peterson Leal

Rudy Triviso

Oscar Vildisola

If you have recent contact info for any of these fellow grads, call them with the reunion invitation or let me know so I can get in touch. Gary Songer has promised to send me and his lovely bride, Carole McQuade Songer, to a plush spa for a week if the attendance at our 55th exceeds our 50th. So the heat is on.

Remember, if you didn't get a letter, it's because we have your email address. You can always log into to see what's new.


Ann Huls Beirne
Thank you

Looking forward to seeing everyone for a fun time of sharing memories and updates.

Lee Silver
Hello in June

I posted letters this week to the 238 alums for whom we don't have email addresses. I've heard back from Lola Price, the widow of our classmate Al Price. Al died 11/16/16. He was a retired police captain with what sounds like a close and loving family. I've expressed our sympathies to Lola.


I also had a mail address for Richard Cianci. I remember this vividly beause he was on my call list last time. We spoke enthusiastically for several minutes, then Richard expressed his surprise that his high school reunion was being held in the Port of Long Beach. Turns out, this Richard Cianci lives (and graduated high school in) Connecticut. I didn't send him a letter, so if you know our guy, get in touch with him or me.

In fact, this may be the moment when you want to reach out to that old friend you haven't seen in forever to urge him or her to attend our next gathering, which we hope will be 10/3/20--COVID allowing. Time marches on, now or never, strike while the iron--you know all the cliches. And if you're shy, but have contact info, I'll represent you anonymously. Just ask Gary Songer if I can keep a secret.

I left Morning Joe and our nation full of woe to jot this off--I'm grateful to have something to look forward to in October. Stay well, stay safe, stay hopeful.

Ann Huls

Ann Huls Beirne

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I called North Woods Inn today just to check that we are still on the books for our Saturday October 3 reunion. We are! Beyond that, I don't have a clue (nor do they) as to what will happen when we get closer. Fortunately, since they don't require a deposit, we can stay loose until those of you who hope to attend and aren't local need to make travel arrangements. 

Meantime, since you may not be accomplishing much else, why not get in touch with that old friend you'd love to see again and urge him/her/them to attend. Even if we have to postpone, you can get those wheels greased up. 

I'd also like to direct you to the message from Bruce and Christina Elmgren Burris on this board. I thought that comment on our 50th really told the tale: it was a celebration of survival, with fond memories of those who couldn't be with us. Reminiscences, but no oneupmanship. So in that way, not like high school at all, but a fun afternoon

Staff safe, all,

Ann Huls Beirne

4952 Kron St

Irvine, CA 92604


Ann Huls Beirne

My wife Emma and I are looking forward to Keppel's 55th reunion. We moved to the City of Santee just a biit east of the City of San Diego a couple of years ago. Here's a Valentine's Day picture of us at the Olive Garden Restaurant  about a week ago. Cheers, Pete

Peter Moore-Kochlacs

My wife Emma and I are looking forward to Keppel's 55th reunion. We moved to the City of Santee just a biit east of the City of San Diego a couple of years ago. Here's a Valentine's Day picture of us at the Olive Garden Restaurant  about a week ago. Cheers, Pete

Peter Moore-Kochlacs
55th Reunion Notice


Aztecs 1965--on the occasion of our 55th reunion: 

Your reunion committee has scheduled our reunion:  


Saturday, October 3, 2020 at the Clearman's North Woods Inn 11:30 to 3  

(at that time, our reserved room will have to be cleared for dinner service, but those still reminiscing can move elsewhere in the restaurant). 


7247 Rosemead Blvd 

San Gabriel 91775 


This affair will be less formal than our day on the Queen Maryfor our fiftieth (but it will have table service). North Woods Inn doesn't require a guarantee, so we won't sell tickets in advance. You can go online to look at their menu, and when it gets closer to time we'll ask you to select from a few menu items to make service speedier. I made it clear that the cheese toast is non-negotiable.  

Each table will get one check, so please bring cash to expedite things.  

A 20% tip will be included with each check. You should be able to estimate your cost by checking out the menu, and negotiations will be conducted among table mates. If required, I'll send in Arnold Kubo to mediate.  

While we don't need to pre-purchase tickets this time around, we would like to have an idea of how many are planning to attend so that we can alert the restaurant and make (or not) sumptuous party favors. If you could do that no later than 9/15, I'd appreciate it--but if you're late, we'll try to make your reunion dreams come true anyway.  

One last thing: we would like to collect $5.00 cash (preferred) at the door to support a slush fund for our 60th. Should none of us be ambulatory at that time, we're open to suggestions for what to do with the funds. I suggested a payout to each of your long-suffering committee members, Peter Moore-Kochlacs has been quite strident about endowing a science lab, and Gary Songer wants to buy a bottle of superb brandy to be shared yearly in a sort of "last man standing" deal.   

Use our reunion website –

or my personal contact info get in touch.  

We all hope to see you in October!  

Ann Huls Beirne 

4952 Kron St 

Irvine, CA 




Arnold Kubo – Eileen Beardslee – Gary Songer – Gary Warren – Lee Silver – Norene Holiday Tolmie


Time gone by.......

Looking at the pictures, knew an awful lot of you, but never made friends, my loss. Super great people. Hey Jim Cypert, you still writing poetry? Miss Artz was my moms teacher when she was at Keppel. I remember Xaviers death, couldn't attend memmorial. I understand it was very well attended. Used to play ball with Harry Spencer, Mike Cotter, Andy Stupin. I remember a lot of the girls, my soul, Gayle Finke, the XKE Jag girl. Hey, Mimi Lozano, whatever became of Melody(ie) Cowart, do you know?

Mike Larsen
2020 Reunion

 Another reunion would be perfect. Perhaps we could open it up to the couple years before us and a couple years after us. I know we all had friends and other graduation years. 

carol Franich Jorden
55th Reunion

The 55th Reunion is NOT going to be at a Casino.

55th Reunion

If the reunion is going to be at a Casino, why not do it in So. Cal. There are a dozen at least within 75-120 minutes of Keppal located off the I-10 or 215 Freeways. It would save hours of driving for the So. Cal residents at least.

Steven Smith
55th Reunion coming

Ann (Huls) Beirne is leading the charge on the 55th Reuniion.  She will be announcing the details shortly. Thanks for all your interest and emails.

Jan Alfvegan

Jan iwas my very best friend all through middle school and the first couple of years of high school. I too would love to know what happened to her. Are we wondering about Linda Davis that was a drum major? I heard she got married but that's the last thing I know of her. If anyone hears about Jan please let me know.

Carol Franich
Jan Alfvegren

Lee, when I didn’t see her on the lists for our 50th, I made my own search. Would love to catch up with her and Lynda Davis. So far I’ve had no luck. 

Ann Huls Beirne

Does anyone know what happened to Jan Alfvregen class of 1965? She was a really good person and I would like to know where life has taken her.

Lee Silver

I remember in 1st grade at Monterey Vista School, Miss Chamberlains class, Reuben R. and I would get up and horse around in class while its in session and Miss C's back was turned, Gayle F. would yell out Miss Chamberlain, Mike and Reuben are playing around!!, and we'd sit down, Miss C never caught us. Annndd, in Miss Johnson's kindy class, same school, my first crush was on Barbara Ferris. When my family bought a small store on Graves and Delmar Aves, I finally got to meet her mom. Sweet lady.

Whatever happened to Melodie Cowart, anyone? She chummed around with Mimi Lozano back then, Rosario now, I think.

Michael Mike O. Larsen
Long time no etc, etc

MIke Larson, please e-mail me at  We need to reconnect after all these years.  Dean Zook

Dean Zook
keppel band

Hi Dennis and Carol. If you ever wondered why I left the band in 65 was because of Mr. Smith's leaving. I couldn't handle it. Still have those feelings even after all these years. Mr. Warren didn't do a thing for me. I don't know why some members treated Mr. Smith as they did. Maybe I'm in the dark about some things.

Michael Larsen
Tom Bruner

Tom Bruner has heart and kidney replacement today. He is doing well. He is at the UCLA Medical Center.


Franchon Norene Holaday Tolmie

looking for Jim McClelland Class of 65

Hey buddy looking for my next door neighbor on Ross Ave. in Alhambra. We grew up together I was one year ahead of you. Class of 64.  I moved away in the 10th grade to west los angeles. Finished at Fair Fax High School. We both dated the same girl named Sharon Ramey. (she lived up the street from us) I would be nice just to touch base with you after all these 50-60 years periods. I you by chance read this please get in touch with me at my email address

Mel Klein

Does anyone know what happened to Mel Kaplan, Industriat Arts/Electronics teacher? I'm fairly sure he has passed but he was one of my favorite teachers.

Bruce Burris - (from Africa)

Bruce Burris
Looks like fun

Looking forward to 2020!

Carol Franich Jorden
Stay well all!

What a celebration this will be!  Good health to all! See you all next year! 

Sherry Rabin Shultz




Sherry Rabin Shultz
55th AFOOT

Christine and Bruce whipped me into action--if they can get themselves to Africa, I can post a message regarding the 55th reunion, which is happening: sometime between June and October, 2020. Mark your calendars. I suggest using a wide tip pen and just xing through all four months. More news to follow. We're currently looking at Alhambra parks. Email me if you have thoughts.

Ann Huls Beirne


Ann Huls Beirne
50 Years - Where are we now?

Currently - April 2019, Christina (Elmgren) and Bruce Burris are serving a 23 month church mission in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa.

The 50th reunion was such a joy - no competition - no one upmanship - memories shared including retirement relaxation.

Seriously considering seeing everyone again at the 55th! 

Thanks reunion committee - team - outstanding 50th reunion!

Bruce and Christina Burris
Class Reunion 2020 (55years)

If this is going to be a All Kepple Reunion please keep the LOMELI (11) family informed through myself or Irene (Lomeli) Macias.  It sure would be nice for all of us to get together and meet each other after all these years.  


Okay, I drove over to South Pasadena to try the new Twohey's.  It wasn't there! As of August they are still at their original location and everything still tastes wonderful. I was told they're still having trouble with permits and would still be at the original  location for a few more months. Go try some onion rings, they are still the best.

Carol Jorden
55th Reunion

Is this reunion going to be an All MKHS Class Reunion, just thought for the year "2020"  this would be a great idea, being that everyone is getting older, Thanks for listening.

Irene Lomeli
Sounds like a great idea!

 I think this sounds great!. Keep us posted 

carol Franich Jorden

Our 55th Reunion is 2 years away and we already have a group working on a party.  Some of you sent in ideas and we are looking into all of them.  

Here are the ideas we have received:

Picnic at a park;  lunch at a resort (Santa Barbara, Big Bear, Palm Springs);  lunch/dinner at a restaurant (Southern California, Santa Barbara, Big Bear, Palm Spring)

If you have more ideas Please let us know though this ClassQuest website.


Here are your party planners;

Ann Huls Beirne                   Arnold Kubo                          Carole McQuade Songer    

Dave Johnson                      Eileen Beardslee Pirri             Gale Songer Anderson         

Gary Songer                        Gary Warren                         Julie Jacobson Godfrey          

Lee Silver                            Nancy Skaron Larson             Norene Holiday Tolmie           

Sonja Sausedo  


The last one you planned was awesome, it will be a tough act to follow.  We're in for whatever we can help you with.


Tom and Gale

Gale P Anderson

The last Reunion was so much fun we've been asked to plan another one, the 55th.

At this point we need two (2) things;

#1 - Ideas

#2 - Volunteers to help with the planning.

If either or both interest you please contact

Gary Songer


Gary Songer
e-mail correction: Dennis Graham


Dennis Graham

Glasses are a must! Lol!

Dennis Graham

Dennis Graham
Twohey's Update

Well...  Twohey's has found another location to reopen the restaurant.  It is on Fair Oaks Avenue in South Pasadena.  The current location will remain open until this spring when the new location will be ready.  Chocolate fudge sundaes are still available! 

Cheri (Sutter) Graham

My condolences to all of our class mates who have lost loved ones.  Those losses are always difficult to experience.    

Cheri (Sutter) Graham

Dennis Dilley, My  prayers are with

you and your family with the loss of your 

beloved wife. I would enjoy hearing from

you,  as I am also widowed for many 

years. God always cares for  us because of his

everlasting love. 


Dennis Graham





Dennis Graham

Dennis Dilley, My  prayers are with

you and your family with the loss of your 

beloved wife. I would enjoy hearing from

you,  as I am also widowed for many 

years. God always cares for  us because of his

everlasting love. 


Dennis Graham





Dennis Graham
Thanks, John

John, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the article. Sorry to hear about your brother. It's especially hard when we lose someone younger than us.

Judy Herman
Sad that Twoheys is closing

To start out I am an ONION RING guy not the Hot Fudge Sundae guy.  Twoheys was a part of growing up in Monterey Park. Sorry we will not get a chance to eat there one last time. It is 1 of my favorites.


David C Johnson

Thanks, Ann. I'm very pleased with the John Wessel Photography Education program I set up through the Palos Verdes Art Center to honor my late husband. For the first session last fall, a wonderful teacher was sent to a low-income housing project in Harbor City to work with middle school students. It was great seeing the kids express themselves through photography. I hope the program will continue for many years.

Judy Herman
Twoheys Closing

Sad to report - but Twoheys will be closing effective Feb. 1.  Sorry to see an Alhambra landmark close after 75 years.

Cheri Graham
re: Judy Herman Interview

I also enjoyed the interview. My brother Bill (Class of '67) was a San Pedro resident for many years and was active in the arts scene there. Unfortunately he passed away about 10 years ago. 

John Gribble
Interview with Judy Herman

I followed the link Judy posted and enjoyed the article about her art and her devotion to arts education. So sorry to hear of the death of her husband, but happy for her achievements and lifelong interest in the arts. 

Ann Huls Beirne
Judy Herman in local paper

Hi, all. The Easy Reader, the free weekly paper of the L.A. beach cities, wrote about me a few months ago:

Judy Herman
Looking for Robert Thomas

Looking  Robert Thomas possibly graduation of 1965. This is a picture of him in his junior year. Please contact me

thank you 

christine Valle
Looking for Robert Thomas class 1965

Hello , looking for Robert Thomas-class of 1965 Who new Diane Bassett or Diane Dulin. My email :

christine Valle

Dennis, my sympathies to you and your family. May you cherish the precious memories of the years you shared.

Lee Silver
To Dennis

My heart goes out to you, Dennis.  I pray you will be able to cherish your many wonderful memories.  God bless.

Janis Haskell
To Dennis

I am sorry to hear of your loss.  With a marriage of such length, you were clearly blessed.  May you find peace and balance in the future.

Tom (Crawford) Ingram
To Dennis

I'm sorry to learn of your wife's passing. My condolences to you and your family.

John Gribble

God bless you n your family.  May your lovely wife rest in peace.

Elizabeth Guerrero

Wanted to let my friends of Mark Keppel  know of the passing of my wife Maureen McDermott Dilley on December 2 2016 from a 30+ fight with Lupus.

We were married 48 years and together 52

May God Bless her Soul.


Dennis Dilley

Dennis Dilley
Coach Horst

i was very sad to hear the news of Coach Horst passing. I rememher the 3 years that I played C Football for him back in the day. This man should me and others to be positive and to never give up in whatever you do in life. I will sure miss this mountain of a man and will never forget what he instilled within me to be the man that I have become today. RIP Coach Horst!ge

Wish I could be there for the Homecoming Game

It would be great to be at the Game.  I really enjoyed going to the Alhambra vs Kepple game on Friday night of the reunion.  However I will be announcing our local Colfax High School Homecoming game.  I have been in the announcer's booth since 1988 or 89 and have been the announcer for the last 10 years or so..  It is a priviledge and fun to be part of the game for all these years.  Now watching the children of players that played when our son and daughter were in Colfax High School.

David Johnson
Mark Keppel Homecoming 10/28/16

Hello Aztecs (once an Aztec always an Aztec!)

We know how much you love to support your fellow alumni and we were not sure if you have heard but this Friday, 10/28 is Mark Keppels homecoming game and we will be honoring Royce Foster, second MKHS student to walk into the doors of MK in 1940, has been quite active since.  We would love for you to attend if at all possible! See each other, catch up, and cheer for our Aztecs! Your support would be awesome!  Thank you greatly!


Nellie Cantillo
Class Reunion

I am Roger Shaputis

Sorry I missed the class reunion. I hope everyone had a good time. I went straight into the Army Airborne after I graduated. I received the Air Medal for over 25 air assualts into enemy held territory. Later I worked on freight docks and had my own copier company.

Roger Shaputis
Coach Horst

Said news came my way last week as I was informed of the passing of Coash Horst 2 weeks ago, Coach Horst was 95 years old.

Dennis Dilley
Rose (Bennett) Neuman

Hi Every one. The 50th class Reunion was a blast from the past. I went with Julie (Haggstrom) McCoy & Annie (Allen) Abrusci. All of us were close friends at Mark Keppel. We had a wonderful visit together with our husbands around our 40th class Reunion time & visited & went out together. All three of us haven't been to a class reunion before. On the 50th class reunion time our husbands couldn't go because of their circumstances (they wanted to go--told us not to miss it). Well we are so happy we attended. What a memory and so much fun.Thanks for all the preparations of everyone who helped out, we appreciated so very much. God Bless all of you and hope to get together again sometime or to keep in touch by e-mail or ?  Rose (Bennett) Neumann

Those No Longer With US

While watching the MK Class Reunion DVD with Bill Chavez yesterday, we began to reminisce over those Classmates who have passed - in particular, our best friend, Hose Hinojosa and the love of my life, Brenda Zamora.  For a few moments, I felt as if I had died also but then I realised, I was just spending the afternoon with Bill.

Douglas Heffington

We just finished watching the reunion dvd.  I am impressed with the accomplishments of our class. Musicians, teachers, judges, attorneys business owners and auto mechanics And more. We had good sometimes great teachers.

I neglected to say the one person I missed was Richard "Hose" Hinajosa.  We love you Hose. RIP.

Pals forever, 

Bill Chavez  and Doug Heffington.

William(Bill) Chavez
Harry Spencer

I'am so sorry to hear about Harry Spencer passing. It was so great to reunite with him at the reunion, after all these years. We talked about our life's paths, family, friends, and memories. We were planning on to get together, and take in some local car shows and events this year.

     You will be missed Harry, REST IN PEACE.                        Jay Hill

Jay Hill

Hi every one, just a note to let every one know that I recieved the DVD from the reunion.  I wish I cou;d have attended the reunion, I'm so sorry to hear about Harrry and all the others who have passed before us, I knew every one ot them on the memory page as you all probably did to, life taken away all to soon

Patricia Hendrix Keene

Patricia Hendrix Keene
Reunion DVD - if you purchased one

I talked to Richard Raines, of Raines Productions, yesterday and he assured me that the DVD's of the reunion on the Queen Mary were mailed the day before.  I told him I would wait a week and see if people started receiving their copies.

Remember, you needed to order the DVD when Raines sent you their solicitation.  The DVD was not part of your reunion ticket.

Harry Spencer

Jack Slater reported to us that Harry Spencer passed away on Monday, January 4th. He died in Arcadia Methodist hospital from complications relating to a fall.

The services will be this coming Saturday, January 16th at 1:00 PM at Rose Hills in Whittier, CA.


Around Alhambra publication

Here is the article that I submitted to Around Alhambra, the only version of a local newspaper that we have. Sandy Needs-Ramirez



What Really Happened to the Class of '65




It was a Time magazine article, a TV series and a Michael Medvid book back in the late 70s. But for Mark Keppel High School members of the Class of '65 the answer came personally as they met for their 50th reunion October 23 and 24.


The trip down memory lane started with a tour of the campus. This was the 25th graduating class at the Alhambra high school. The campus seemed old then, but when you are 17, 25 seems really old--and now it is 75 years old, but what changes and updates. In retrospect the main building, now Building A, seemed smaller. Back in the day there was a six minute break between classes, now it's eight minutes because the campus has expanded so much.


Between 60 and 70 alumni and others came to see what has happened. They were welcomed by the pep squad and band members. The temporary buildings put up prior to senior year are all finally gone. replaced with two other major buildings. Student services have greatly increased. There is a new boys gym and remodeled girls gym. Industrial arts have been replaced with Industrial Technology including computer aided design as well as the hands on tools that were utilized in the past. The band is now over 70 members strong and one of the '65 drum majors was present to see the changes. But the best part for everyone was the opportunity to catch up with old friends. It was sometimes difficult to hear the official presentations because people were busy talking with one another.


After the tour, some went on to have dinner at The Hat or TwoHeys (minus the drive in). Then it was on to the football game with cross-town rival, Alhambra High for whom it was homecoming. The disappointing loss by the football team brought memories of loosing football games when “We Try Harder” buttons from Avis were worn to games.


Saturday was the real day with a luncheon held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Over 110 classmates contminued on with their connecting and reminiscing. Students have dispersed throughout the United States so it was not surprising that of the 534 graduates numbers were deminished. Then there are the actuarial statistics that only 71% of high school graduates are still alive by age 65. For those who were there it was a great time. Class President Gary Songer organized the event from Massachusetts where he and his wife, former head cheerleader Carol McQuade, now live along with the help of lots of other volunteers.








Mark Keppel High School members of the class of ‘65 met for their 50th reunion Oct. 23 and 24. About 70 alumni toured Mark Keppel and later attended the homecoming game of cross-town rivals Alhambra High and Mark Keppel. On Saturday, there was a luncheon at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.
Sandy Needs-Ramirez
Dilley Family

Wanted to share my family with the "65" class Thanks Dennis Dilley

Dennis Dilley

I was moved to write by the news of Mr. Dilly'S death.I remember him as well dressed and self assured

To me he appeared young

but plunging forward

I would wish Mr. Dilly well

and am sorry to hear

of a life chopped off

I would like to hear more news


Dennis Beach

Class of '65


dennis beach
Halloween Update

Ian, grandson of Carole (McQuade) and Gary Songer, decided to take a shortcut from one house to the next but didn't see the retaining wall because it was dark.  Result, 13 stitches in his 7 year old chin.  After 8 months of Kenpo Karate he is still leading with his chin......

Thanks for the updates.

So  sorry I was not able to attend as my work/travels took me else where, so glad for all your updates that help me stay in tune with "1965" I am hoping an e-mail list come out for those of you that might want to stay in touch?  Looking back at my family we have had 6 in the family attend and graduate  from MKHS 1956 - 1968

I am still living in Bakersfield,CA with my wife of 47 years  both retired (P/T work for me ) we have 2 sons and 8 grand children ages 22 to 7 years of age.

Many of you knew my oldest brother who in 1965 our senior year was Dean of Boys and also a Basketball coach. he passed away at a very young age of 55 as principle of Rigecrest HS

Maureen (McDermott 1968) and Dennis send all our love and a very Happy Holiday Season.

Dennis Dilley
A Reunion to Remember

I was not going to attend, but then I decided why not.  It's probably the last one and I did want to join in on the fun.  I am so happy I did.  Seeing some of the gals and guys I knew was wonderful.  Carol and Gary Songer; what a wonderful couple. Carole was always such a sweet person and has not changed a bit.  I had a great time and happy to hear that so many have done so well and had many happy years.  Wishing you a happy holiday season and many more years of good health and fun. Here is a picture of my grandson; the love of my life; at Nokia playing on the drums. He was there visiting his daddy who is a Tour Manager.

Erlinda Martinez

Erlinda Martinez

It was such fun and it was a pleasure to be part of the Reunion Committee. I enjoyed seeing so many friends and school chums after all these years.

Like so many of you, I was touched and surprised to have been remembered so fondly by those I spoke to.  Thank you for your sweet compliments.  I only regret not sitting down and visiting longer with some of you.

Nancy Dudley Lemire it was so wonderful seeing you, again.  You were first on my list of people I wanted to see!

Thank you to everyone for your support and for your many compliments to the Committee, we really appreciate it.

Now let's keep in touch!

Sonja Sausedo
After glow

Two memories to share: first from the ninth grade English class: A girl, Carol McQuade recited a poem in class, "If" by Rudyard Kipling.  I was so impressed I went to the library on my way home and looked it up.


 Memory two actually spans 6th grade through high school.  I played trombone along with Tom Bruner and Craig Garvin. We shared music and a lot of pranks, trombone players have a long history of pranks.  We played a trombone trio at the LA County Fair. Marched in parades, football games and played for school assemblies.  We hated it and loved it.

Bill Chavez
50th Reunion

My cousin Annie, my husband John n I had a good time meeting folks from our class.  Everyone that attended looked fabulous.   Thank you everyone that assisted with the planning with Lee n Gary.  

Elizabeth Guerrero
New Photo Albums - 1 Queen Mary - 2 Tour/Game

You will see 2 new photo albums on the left side of the Website.

1. Queen Mary photo album - Please upload all your pictures from the Luncheon.

2. Campus Tour/Game - Please upload all your photos from the Friday activities; Tour; the Hat; Football game; Twohey's


I was slow to sign up, the last day, to attend the reunion.  We didn't get to speak to everyone but it was nice seeing old friends! and all the girls I was afraid to talk to 50 years ago( still didn't talk). Some old friends from elementary school.

it was  nice to see the trombone section, Tom Brunner and Craig Garvin And other band members.  Team mates and classmates, Howard Aplebaum, Ray Barbour, Jacck Slater and Oscar Guerrero.  Arnold Kubo and Ray Phister et al. 

Thanks to Lee, Gary and the rest of the committee Members for your good work. 

Crazy i was able to connect with a '64 grad I didn't meet until college.. Yay! 

We probably should have smaller impromptu events annually?(too many of us are gone 😥)


Bill Chavez
What a great time!!!

I never thought a reunion would be so much fun.  I could see that everyone was having a great time.  Very few of these events are so well planned and thought out.  I can't beleive I almost missed it.  Dinner at the Hat and the football game topped it off.  

Gale Songer Anderson

Gale Songer Anderson

Thank you all who had a hand in putting this on.  I did not know that many people in high school, so was not sure. what it would be like or why I was going, except it was a 50th.

Fortunately, Erlinda Martinez, one of the few people I recognized, and knew, saved me by nviting me to sit at her table. It turned out that we had good table converstations, with some of us adjournging to the bar, then to dinner where Erlinda, Charlene Berrreth and I talked until afer 9:30 before parting.

For those who do not know, I have the Class Photograph, all 7' feet of it in my possession, available for anyone to come view, held in trust for the next reunion, although I know Erlinda really wanted it and I told her I would get it for her, but she had no idea that after I got it, I would keep it. haha. She will have to come to Big Bear Lake to see it over my firep0lace mantle.

Steve Smith
Had a wonderful time!

My husband Jon and I had a great time.  There were people that actually remembered me!  I looked for one person, Annie Garcia, and she was there!  So happy, plus, it was a beautiful day!  Thanks for looking me up Gary!

Love and Happy Holidays to all, Jackie Sherman Agajanian

Jackie Sherman Agajanian
I am so happy I attended the Class of 1965 50 year Reunion.

First I want to THANK Gary, Lee and the rest of the committee for an outstanding reunion.  I was excited about attending and a little scared at the same time.  Would I remember anyone, after all it has been almost 50 years since I have seen most everyone in our class and I was more afraid that no one would remember me.  After all it is a reality test and I hope I passed, we passed. 

I know that my wife and I had a great time.  I just wished I could have talked to everyone.  I look forward to staying in contact with my renewed friendships and if you are in Placer County CA. on your way to Reno or Tahoe give me a call (916-207-5466).  I would love to show you around my community.

We all have accomplished many things in our lives in one way or another many of you help me to be a better person and I thank you for that.  See you at the 100th Reunion.

David Johnson
What a terrific time!

Hello to everyone - it was just terrific seeing so many of you on the Queen Mary!  I so enjoyed talking to everyone and "catching up."  I missed chatting with a couple of you, but hopefully we'll connect soon.  Thank you again, Gary and team, it was super!  

Carol Franich Jorden
Once again, regrets

Again, I'm really sorry I won't be able to join in the event. Please have a wonderful time and post reports.

John Gribble

CORRECTIONS: Should be on e-mail address and NANCY LEON GARCIA CLASS OF '66 ON on Name line please edit


Rerets as we won't be there. We will be thinking of you. Let us hear from you via e-mail - - or Face Book under Nancy Garcia Rosemead. Have a BLAST <3 to you all.

Queen Mary Luncheon Menu (green items are Gluten Free)

The Verandah Grille


Beef and runner bean chili, chipotle and sour cream

Iceberg wedge salad, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes, shaved red onions, diced egg,

spiced pecans, herb croutons and creamy buttermilk ranch

Creamy coleslaw

Red bliss potato salad

Grilled angus burgers  no bun

Bar-B-Que chicken breast

All beef grilled bratwursts  no bun

Boston bibb lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes, sliced red onion kosher pickles, olives, pepperoncini,

havarti, gruyèe, Swiss, aged white cheddar and smoked gouda

Sliced artisan sandwich breads and rolls

Kettle chips: Regular, salt, vinegar and bar-b-que:  need to check




Dutch apple pie a la mode with vanilla ice cream

Triple layer chocolate cake  can be made gluten free



Iced tea, lemonade, fresh brewed regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee and selected hot tea

(Soft Drink Bar)


Notes from chef


Highlighted in Green = Gluten Free

Queen Mary Parking

We are providing Validated Parking in your ticket price.

When you pull into the Queen Mary parking lot you will get a ticket.

Bring the ticket to the Queen's Salon to get it validated.

If you forget, it will cost you $18 to leave the parking lot when the luncheon is over.

Just a month away!!

It's so great to see so many people signed up for the reunion!!!  Can't wait to see all of you!  Carol Franich Jorden

Carol Jorden





Hey gang, time is running out--Please be sure to order your tickets for the reunion on the Queen Mary on October 24th before September 30th. Remember, we cannot sell tickets at the door.


Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Lee Silver

Wow! It's 50 years! Any Keppel band members, let hear from you!

Looking forward to lots of laughs and memories. 

Blessings to all! 

Dennis Graham



Dennis Graham
WOW 50 years !!!!!!!

I can't wait to see all of you at the Reunion.

Arnold Kubo

Tim glad to hear you are finally off probation and can leave the State. 


PBill McIntyre

Bill McIntyre
Bleach Boys at talent show 1965

This is a long shot but I am wondering if anyone has memories or pictures of the student talent show in 65 where we dressed up as the Bleach Boys and made our own foux instruments?   

Nick Benuska

i want to go to this reunion next time !!!

Tim griffin
Mini Reunion on Oahu

Nick Benuska and Carrie (Brown) Gammel got together for a mini reunion at Jameson's Restaurant on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The Bleach Boy is still surfing but Carrie is no longer driving sports cars!

Carrie Brown
Aloha from Hawaii

Hi from Nick Benuska! Im not able to make the reunion sorry to say, my best wishes to all! I have a request, in our senior year a wrestling team was formed that practiced during the lunch break, we then had the first tournement. I never had any photos of this and am reaching out to anyone who may have. Its a long shot but got to try. Aloha to all, Nick Benuska,

Nick Benuska
After a yoga-meditation in July.

When I came back from a 10-day class, my friends said I looked relaxed. 


Steven Smith
Roadrunner crash

Is that the day you crashed the Roadrunner?



Bill McIntyre
Is that the day you crashed the Roadrunner

I was there!



Bill McIntyre
Huntington Beach Boys

Guess who?  This was only one week ago... +45 years ... the fearsome foursome!

Some time after '65 and some grab ass football on the sand at Huntington Beach, Life Guard station #5.  






Jack Slater
Hi Carol Jordan


I sent you an e-mail but it was bounced back to me saying you were only accpeting e-mails from certain addresses.  ????? 



Dean Zook
Memory page

I love to see all the messages from people who are going to the reunion. But the InMemory page seems to be growing , and I find it so sad to see the faces of old friends who are now gone. Can't wait to hug you all at the reunion. Please stay well.

tim Griffin
Meet the Bigelows


As I looked at the messages and photos I was inspired by Julie Sprague, Kathy Quigley and Chris Ames to send a nice picture of my family. This was the most dignified one I could find. I'm the sweet one on the end, oblivious to all the shenanigans on my right. I'm really looking forward to this reunion! See you in October. Marsha Ferri Bigelow

Marsha Ferri
Back in 1972.

For those who don't know who the young couple holding the baby are, it's Paul Cella, wife Louise and son Stephen. Stephen is also a graduate of Mark Keppel, and was fortunate enough  to have met Mr White my Auto Shop teacher. Mr White returned to work with some of the students, showing them how to safely use some of the tool room equipment .

Paul Cella
Pictures from Quig

check out the pictures that I posted on June 27th. Looking forward to seeing everyone in October. 


Quig (Kathy Quigley Pahl)

Kathy Quigley

It will be 50-years ago this coming June 2015 that the Mark Keppel High School "Senior Class" of 1965 graduated and went out into the world. I am looking forward to October and all the events. Jonathan Swift once said; "vision is seeing what is invisible to others." I feel the teachers and staff I came into contact with during my time at Mark Keppel High really tried to instill within me that idea, that is; to see what others will not or cannot see. I will always be thankful my high school teachers took the extra effort and time with me so I would be prepared for the world I would face. See you in October.

A Note from Jim Cypert

The author Kurt Vonnegut once said; "True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country." I love the sarcasm in that quote!  Of course, I never felt that way about my Mark Keppel High School classmates, actually, I thought of our class of 1965 as rather special.  Mark Keppel High School is the place I called home for four-years, where I forged and tempered friendships and where outstanding teaching staff prepared me for the real world.  I feel fortunate to have attended Mark Keppel High School.  I look forward to October and reuniting with friends and to catch up on the past 50-years.  As my Irish Mother used to say; "as you continue to slide down the bannister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction."  I will close with a quote from Haruki Murakami;  "No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away."  The memories I hold dear from my years at Mark Keppel High School wiil never fade! I mean it. 

Jim Cypert


"Being a Mark Keppel High School [MKHS] alumnus is very much a part of who I am, I take my MKHS alumnus status very seriously, in fact, I take it everywhere I go."   

Jim Cypert
Hello Everyonw!

i am really looking forward to the October reunion!  I think that I need to "study" our yearbook before the events. 😉  It is so great to connect here and on Facebook with many of you.  

Attached is a photo of our crazy, funny, wonderful family.  I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  50 years have slipped away so quickly, but this picture indicates the blessings we have enjoyed.


Julie Sprague Lee

Julie Sprague

Hi, all.

I'm sorry I won't be able to attend. I've a another commitment in Kobe, Japan (!!) that weekend. A long way from Alhambra. But I wish you all a wonderful event.

John Gribble

John Gribble
After Reunion Luncheon

What to do after the Reunion Luncheon??

 For the more adventurous, or anyone looking to make the 50th celebration last longer, there is a reasonably priced 4 night Cruise starting on Sunday evening, October 25, 2015.

 $209 per person – inside cabin                        $259 per person – ocean view

$479 per person – balcony                               $479 per person – suite

  Go to VACATIONS TO GO.COM and look at FAST DEAL #37381


Carnival’s Carnival Imagination

 Sunday, Oct 25, 2015 –Los Angeles, Long Beach – departs 5:30 PM

 Monday, Oct 26, 2015 – Catalina Island – arrive 7:30 AM – depart 4:30 PM

 Tuesday, Oct 27, 2015 – Ensenada, Mexico – arrive 8:00 AM – depart 5:00 PM

 Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015 – At Sea

 Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 –Los Angeles, Long Beach – arrive 8:00 AM


The Mark Keppel High School Reunion is not involved in making these arrangements.  These are normal deals on the internet. Check with your friends to see if they are interested.

 For anyone booking this Cruise, we will probably see you onboard.

Gary (4/5/2015)


Queen Mary Rooms

There are rooms available on the Queen Mary..........

If you call the Queen Mary people and ask for a room for One night, Saturday, October 24, 2015, they will tell you there aren't any available.....That's because you have to stay Two nights if you check-in on Saturday. The price is $209-$259 depending on which room you get.

If you call the Queen Mary people you can book Friday, October 23, 2015, and you don't have to stay two nights.

If you go to you can book One night, Saturday, October 24, 2015, and it will be $119-$137 for the same rooms as listed above. On Priceline you Don't have to stay two nights if you check-in on Saturday, but remember, the Priceline room is Non-Refundable.

I'm not sure how long there will be rooms because that is the Harbor Lights Weekend and it is very popular. We booked our room for Friday & Saturday nights just a few minutes ago through

Gary (3/31/2015)

Hello to Everyone!!

WOW! 50 Years does seem like a long time, especially when you're not counting (or just having a lot of great moments with children, family events and life itself)!  I can hardly wait till October.  I really look forward to meeting with everyone and am planning on attending the game and for sure all the events on Saturday.  Gail M Vienot (WELLER)

Gail Weller

I think the game and the chance to tour the old "hallowed Halls" will add to a great time.


Looking forwaed to reconnecting with you

Lee Silver
Does not seem like 50 years.

Hi all.  It has been a long time since I have talk to most all of you however I look forward to our reunion.  Special to go to the football game since I have been in the announcers booth of Colfax High School for 25 years.  Moved to Colfax CA in 1976 and love the foothills of Placer County.  A long way from working at the Bruggemeyer Memorial Library for 10 years.

David Johnson

Wow! 50 years! So, many memories of MKHS. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

Carol  & all  Alumni let's reconnect  we were the last twin Drum Major's MKHS !  E-mail  chest_trauma

ye ole Drum Major  65 '

Dennis  Graham



Dennis Graham

Trivia Question:

Who skirt went over my head at the start of football game because referees delayed game?  Gary Warren

Gary Warren

I still see Jay Hill once  week at the Cruze Nights. He is still working on chevy's & reliving his High school days cruzing Keppel in his 409. Passed The reunion information on to him. Paul Cella  

Paul Cella

Hi there all

I'm so glad to hear from Dean Zook and he informs me that many of you correspond with him.  Bobbie Swails - PLEASE contact me!!  CarolJ91750@aol.colm

Carol Franich
65 Reunion

Glad to hear there is going to be a 50 year reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone. If there is help required on the planning committee please advise.

Gary Warren

951 526 5512

Gary Warren
Hi Carol

Hey Carol.  Please drop me a line at  Long time no contact.  We need to reconnect.


Dean Zook

Oh my goodness - can it really be 50 years???  We're not really older, just better!  Looking forward to seeing so many of you.  Carol

Carol Franich
50 year Reunion

Looking foward to visiting with everyone. High school was a fun time.

Sonja Sausedo



sonja sausedo

What a bevy of beauties!

Lee Silver

I have been a busy parent.  Where has the time gone?  I am really looking forward to seeing some old friends.

Christine Ames
Cool pic's!

Hard to believe we were ever that young !

tim griffin

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone this fall and send my thanks to all of the reunion organizers for their hard work.

Margaret (Maggie) Corselius
GARVEY SCHOOL pictures (Thank You Ray Barbour)

You can see the individual pages of the Garvey School Yearbook - 1961

(click on the link below)

The individual pictures start on Page 5 and go to page 9

Let each picture load then you can Enlarge the picture by clicking on it

Gary Songer


I am really excited to reunite with "old" friends!

Julie (Sprague) Lee

Julie Sprague

Glad to see the site getting action!

Lee Silver
Go Garvey Mustangs

Can't believe someone posted this page. I was just perusing my 8th grade yearbook. Incredible deja vu.

Eileen (Beardslee) Pirri



Eileen Pirri
Garvey School Year Book Are Posted on MKHS1966 Site

Joe Winter MKHS class of 1966 has provide scans of Garvey year books from 1960, 1961 and 1962.  I'd be happy to forward for your use at your reunion.

Ray Barbour

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

Lee Silver
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